From beautiful landscapes, vast diverse wildlife, historical and cultural sites, Zimbabwe is has a lot to offer travel enthusiasts and nature lovers. Zimbabwe is world famous for the spectacular Victoria Falls and we are going to highlight some of the Zimbabwe tourist attractions you can find in this African country.

Zimbabwe Tours and Activities


Zimbabwe Tourist Attractions

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Victoria Falls

Zimbabwe - Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls was named after Queen Victoria of England, by David Livngstone. It is also named the “smoke that thunders” by the locals, since it produces a huge mist and a loud noise. These thundering waters are about 100m in height.

A wide range of activities can be carried out here, such as bungee jumping (for the really brave ones), white water rafting and canoeing and a walk to the top of the gorge. Through a helicopter flight, you can get spectacular views of the falls.


Hwange National Park

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Hwange National Park is located between Bulawayo and Victoria Falls and has over 105 species of wild animals. It is a haven to large herds of animals such as buffalo, zebra, giraffes and elephants. You will also find a good variety of birdlife as well as predators like lions, and African wild dogs.

The Park covers over 14,600 square kilometres, or 5,863 square miles and the landscape consists of dessert sands, mopane woodlands, grasslands and scattered hills in the northwest. Due to scarcity of water, there are many man-made waterholes for the animals.


Matobo National Park

Matobos National Park - Zimbabwe National ParkAs one of the the major tourist destinations in Zimbabwe, Matobo National Park is well known for the Matobo hills. Here you will see majestic formations of balancing granite rocks, producing unique and stunning sceneries inside the park. An example is the Mother and Child Kojpe, a fantastic shape formed by the granite rocks. The Matobo Hills is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The mountain acacia, wild pear and the paperbark tree are part of the over 200 species of trees in this park, along with aloes, wild herbs and many grass species.

The main animals include impala, white rhino, sable antelopes and leopards. Bird life is also prolific, with the highest population concentration of black eagles worldwide.

The main tour activities in this park include game viewing, running, hiking, fishing, boating and horse trail riding.


Mana Pools National Park

Located in the far north of Zimbabwe, Mana Pools National Park is one of the best places you don’t want to miss while in Zimbabwe. Spanning over 219, 600 ha of land, this wildlife conservation area and a national park will give you fantastic views of wildlife, floodplains, and the mighty Zambezi River.

By taking a boat ride along Zambezi River, you can access the park where your eyes will be graced by spectacular mountains of the Rift valley and wild animals such as lions, Hippos, and elephants. You will also get a chance to see the four main pools, known as Mana pools that are formed by the meandering of river Zambezi.


Great Zimbabwe

Great Zimbabwe tourist attractions

The Great Zimbabwe Ruins are a spectacular set of ancient stone complexes that were constructed between the 13th and 15th century. Located in Masvingo, these ruins are the oldest ruins in the Southern African Region and believed to have been there even during the ancient Kingdom of Munumatapa.

It’s believed that they were a home to about 18,000 people. To know more about these ruins, just visit them during your tour in Zimbabwe.


Zambezi National Park

Zambezi National ParkCovering over 56,000 ha of land, Zambezi National Park is a game reserve that is located on the Zimbabwean side of Zambezi River and a few kilometers upstream from Victoria Falls. You can have the best view of the wildlife while round Sansimba and Chindu loops.

The park has a variety of wild animals such as elephants, waterbucks, buffalos, crocodiles, and hippos. The park also has a woodland forest consisting of different kinds of trees such as sycamore figs, Liana palms, and wild date palms. Apart from game viewing the park is a camping site for camping enthusiasts.


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