It is advisable to visit the Southern Serengeti, Tanzania, in January because that’s when wild beasts are pregnant and ready to give birth. These wildebeest calves are born in a three week period.

Though tracking mountain gorillas may be done throughout the year in both Rwanda and Uganda it is advisable to track them on January and February due to the rainy climatic conditions in the two countries.

Zanzibar and its islands are great for snorkeling and deep sea fishing.



If you love wine then Cape Town is the place to visit and you can tour the wine estates and enjoy their beautiful wines and cuisine. The Wine lands of Stellenbosch, Paarl, and Franschhoek produce our most excellent wines which are available at bargain prices to visitors.

January and February are generally hot with long sunny spells hence the best time to visit Botswana as you can watch the spectacular bird migration.

Mount Kenya is a good tourist site which can serve the interests of both mountain climbers and any tourists who want to view an excellent and different population of wildlife that includes different species of birds.

The Kenya coast is will be having a generally hot season, best which is the best time to lounge lazily at the luxurious beach hotels and enjoy a perfect holiday.



There are so many hippos in Zambia’s waterways, and you will see them in groups of over 60 especially along the Luangwa River. Hippos are plentiful in most of Zambia’s lakes and rivers especially in Lower Zambezi National Park and South Luangwa National Park.



Gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda (especially in the month of April due to the warm climate in the month) is a highly attractive venture for tourist. Many tourists tour the countries to see the gorillas that have 90% genes that are similar to human.

Lemur monkeys or lemurs are exotic animals that can only be seen from the island of Madagascar, which is off the southeast coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. Others are found in neighboring Comoros islands.

On holidays in Seychelles, you can enjoy a peaceful and secluded feeling combined with unmatched natural beauty. Seychelles is especially popular as a romantic destination where couples can enjoy some quality time with each other amidst a beautiful combination of flora, fauna and featured landscapes.



The best time to visit Botswana is during the green season in March and May especially when you are visiting the country for game viewing.  The Linyanti Park is filled with elephants, zebras, and beautiful roan and sable antelopes-and when you reach Chobe National Park; you will see the world’s largest elephant population.

In addition, the Makgadikgadi pan, an amazing combination of salt and white sand, is a fantastic spot for game viewing. The area is home to many wildebeests and zebras, and their predators follow them closely. Along with that, you can also view amazing colonies of flamingos while you are there.

South Africa benefits from a range of water temperatures, from the chilly region around the Cape of Good Hope where water temperatures only creep into double figures, if you are lucky, to a much more comfortable mid-20s in the more northerly locations.

The diving experiences of South Africa will give you a mix of habitats from coral reef to temperate waters, and the huge assortment of marine life, as well as animals that will pass through the area on their annual migrations, mean that there is plenty to see.

The nightlife in Victoria, Seychelles should not be missed by the tourists. Visit some of its nightclubs and have a blast of a time. There are theatres, discos, cinemas and trendy restaurant to add a zing to the nightlife. Tourists all through the night enjoy the music and dance shows while sipping beer. Seychelles is a land of perpetual spring if there ever was one, but don’t forget the old issue of acclimatization as you discover these islands and plan your holiday in paradise.



Take advantage of more affordable, off-season prices in June to visit expensive Botswana. Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of wild game for the viewing. You just won’t have to share the experience with large crowds. Dress warmly, early morning game drives can be quite chilly.

If forest lodges are more your thing, consider going gorilla tracking at Odzala National Park in the Congo. This is one of the best locations in the world for lowland gorillas. Virgin rainforests, forest elephants, forest buffalo, rare bongos, and the red river hogs.

To see the king of the jungle in his element, visit the Zambia, where big cats will be found hunting in the rich savanna grasslands.

For coastal safaris, holidaymakers may consider visiting South Africa, where great white sharks, dolphins, seals and whales will have moved in to feast on an influx of fish.

Alternatively, consider the laid-back spice island of Zanzibar, where warm weather, good food and fantastic beaches await.



July is one of the best months to visit the Serengeti in Tanzania and Kenya and witness the famous great migration of wildebeest.

Meanwhile, in the idyllic island of Madagascar, the awe-inspiring spectacle of humpback whales swarming offshore. Enjoy the view from Ile Sainte Marie, or Masoala Peninsula.



Water scarcity in the Namibian desert drives wild animals to congregate around waterholes, making it much easier to spot big game. Consider taking a self-driving Safari in this exquisite desert landscape.

In Kenya, the August rain provides ideal conditions for new grass to grow, which provides ideal conditions grazers to give birth to a new generation, which in turn creates equally ideal conditions for big cats to hunt, and as a result, perfect conditions for a safari.



East Africa wins September. Consider a wildlife safari in Tanzania and/or a gorilla trekking safari in the hills of Rwanda.

In Tanzania, you may want to view the dramatic river crossings by herds of wildebeest or track chimpanzees on Mahale Mountain. While in Rwanda, spend a day or two in Kigali, easily one of the most charming cities in Africa.

Meanwhile, dry September weather in Zimbabwe makes it easy to spot big game.

It is also a good time to visit Botswana, where large elephant herds roam the area around Chobe.



October is still a good time to be in Botswana, where big game will be found huddled near watering holes.

South Africa’s Kruger National Park also offers big game experiences in October. Early morning drives are best when the animals are still energetic.

Lemur lovers better head on to Madagascar in October, where Ringtail lemur mamas will be showing their newborn lemur babies around the jungle. Madagascar is also good for bird watching.

For some tropical heat, visit the island of Mauritius, which is ideal for a relaxed beach holiday.



Warm temperatures in the waters off the coast of Seychelles create high visibility all the way down to 30 meters. It is a good time to explore marine life and do some deep sea diving.

Over in Zambia, more than eight million large bats are flying into the wetlands to feast on wild fruit.

Fancy a trip to Egypt? You might want to take advantage of cooler temperatures in November. It is an opportunity to enjoy the sights without the roasting heat.



Fly to Kenya in December for a beach holiday in Watamu, Malindi, Lamu or Mombasa.

It is not a bad time for a safari either, because the rates are cheaper. The Lake Nakuru National Park or Tsavo are your best bet during this month.