Abidjan is the largest and most important capital in Cote d’voire, a country in West Africa. Abidjan attractions include a large selection of restaurants, hotels and sites to visit.

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Abidjan Attractions and Things to Do in Abidjan

St. Paul Cathedral

The Cathedral of St.Paul is an imaginative structure made and planned by Italian architect Aldo Spiritom. This house of prayer is dissimilar to some other normal ones since one cannot generally perceive that this as a religious place from external view. Be that as it may, inside, the stained glass tableaux help you to remember the basilica in Yamoussoukro.

Scriptural stories have been delineated inside the house of God, for example, the story of St Paul’s blinding experience when he was making a trip to Damascus or the tempest on the Sea of Galilee. After the basilica in Yamoussoukro, this is the most famous religious fascination in Ivory Coast.

Cité Administrative

A visit to the St. Paul’s Cathedral, will naturally give you an opportunity to view the towers of Cité Administrative rising over the cathedral. This arrangement is comprised of enormous copper-colored squares with fretted windows.

Hôtel Ivoire

Hôtel Ivoire was at one time a top notch hotel in West Africa with facilities such as eleven tennis courts, swimming pools, clubhouse, eateries, shops, dance club, sauna and a bowling alley. Truth be told it was a township in itself. Regardless of the possibility that today, it doesn’t draw in an excessive number of visitors, it’s justified regardless of a visit to recollect the sworn off brilliance.

La Pyramide

La Pyramide is one of most ambitious design structures in Abidjan. Molded as a pyramid, it is found ideal in the business focus of the city. Today it houses a recreation center and numerous different office spaces.

Parc du Banco

On the outskirts of the city of Abidjan lies the Banco National Forest lies where it spreads a zone of about 3,000 ha of land with tropical rain forests. It is currently well known for being on of the biggest business complex in Abidjan. The recreation center likewise incorporates a picnic, eatery and an arboretum.

Cocody neighborhood

On the off chance that you need to perceive how the rich in Abidjan live then you ought to visit the Cocody neighborhood. This is a neighborhood with sprawling, pricey mansions with extensive gardens. Even the Presidential tower and Hôtel Ivoire are situated here.

The Plateau

The Plateau is the focal business area of Abidjan decorated by many shops, workplaces, and eateries. Indeed, even after the capital of Côte d’Ivoire was moved to Yamoussoukro, numerous republic structures like the Presidency and National Assembly are based at The Plateau.

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