Africa safari planning guide

The thought of embarking a trip to Africa may give the adventurous person an enticing feeling. However, when the whole process of planning and packing for the trip comes into place, the idea becomes equally intimidating. It is because you are stuck in the middle of numerous options that may lead you to make wrong choices that can make your most awaited trip miserable. In this respect, this Africa safari planning guide can make your trip enjoyable and ensure that nothing is left behind.


Your African Safari Options

People who decide to embark the trip to Africa are stuck in the dilemma of choosing between two options. These options include whether reserving an already planned travel plan or creating a customized one. These options are highly dependent on the varied interests of the people.

Those who do not want to get into the hassle of planning every aspect of their African safari trip on their own can opt for a scheduled itinerary. A scheduled itinerary is great for groups and those wanting to meet new people. Furthermore, if you do not have sufficient time which you can invest in researching and planning the logistics of your safari travel plan.

On the other hand, others may want to make every aspect of the trip their convenience. As a result, they could choose the option of designing their customized travel plan to Africa for a safari. Therefore, they have the liberty to select their preferred accommodation, transport and other aspects of a safari trip. In fact, they are the ones who want to enjoy their safari trip on their own. So, they can work together with Bon Africa Safaris directly for their safari to Kenya.


How to travel

Once the travelers are done with the planning of their African safari trip, the next confusion arises in the modes of transportation. Again, the mode of transport is dependent on various factors and individual preferences. Those people who are in a hurry and want to reach the safari destination as soon as possible can choose the air safari option. Moreover, the air safari option is also viable for those travelers who are travelling from a country that is far apart from one another.

Keep in mind that travelling by air is quite expensive. Nevertheless, this mode of transport can significantly reduce the time and the inconvenience that the bumpy roads offer.

On the other hand, those people who opt for road driving as a means of transport to reach the safari attractions, can a lot of benefits. One of them is experiencing the beautiful sights that they might encounter. In this way, they can learn to appreciate the open nature that the route to the safari provides.

It so happens that so travelers decide to opt for the middle ground. It means that they encapsulate their African safari trip in both flying and driving modes of transport. So, they can either take air safari for overcoming large distances and road driving for the shorter ones. Or they can enjoy the benefit of both driving and flying by either reaching the destination through the flight and go back to their home country via road driving.

Keep in mind that whatever mode of transport you decide to opt finally, you need to harbor a lot of traveling stamina. It is because on the map, the distances between places on their safari trip may look less but, in reality, they may be strenuous to cover. So as a rule of the thumb, one of the fundamentals of an African Safari is that you need to look at both sides of the picture before deciding which vehicle to finalize as a mode of transport.


Driving your way in your African Safari

If you decide to opt for road driving, keep in mind that you will have the same guide with you throughout your trip. Your tour operator will allocate the guide who will assist you with the same vehicle throughout your trip in various parks and games drives.

Now the regular safari vehicle that escorts all the travelers in many African countries is a minivan with a popular top roof. And if you are planning your trip in rainy seasons, then your tour operator will arrange for the minivan with 4WD version. For further luxuries in road driving, the travelers often pay significantly for a Safari Jeep Land Cruiser that has an adjustable roof. Many people who opt for a customized itinerary can book this force of private amenity from their tour operators at the cost of extra price.

The benefits of reserving a private vehicle by pooling extra money in your African safari trip has its own perks. You can enjoy the benefit of planning flexibility in your game’s drives. It means that you can set the duration on your own will on certain destinations. You are not bound by the scheduled group itinerary timings. And you can decide how much time you want to spend sightseeing on the views or going to any place that suits your interests and preference.


The situation at the flying safari

If you are on the flying safari, on a general note, you need to utilize the camp’s mode of transport. It means that the transportation will be on a sharing basis; unless you pay extra for a private vehicle, depending on its availability. Furthermore, it is essential for you to note that the lodges have various types of vehicles in their fleet. They can be the ones with an adjustable roof, with open sides or the ones that have an open hatch and no cover at all. So, if you perceive that for your safari trip, vehicle choice is the leading factor, then it is advisable that you inquire about all the details regarding them. Your African safari planning guide will advise you to make inquiries about vehicles before planning your accommodations.

As far as the decisions regarding accommodations is a place, you should note that there are different types of camps and lodges. So with a diverse array of options in them, you need to make the right choice keeping certain factors in mind. They include; location, cost, the number of facilities, element of convenience and ease and the size of the lodging.

Some of the tips that would help you to plan a trip for your African safari in a suitable way:


Start saving in advance

The perception that the trip to Kenya is expensive is not true. In fact, if you choose to get to different destinations within African safari destinations through public transport, cook your own meals and stay in average lodging, the costs of the trip will be minimal. Once you get to save the costs in transport and accommodation, you can spend wholeheartedly at water rafting, mountain climbing, safaris or relishing treat at an expensive restaurant for once or twice.


Plan beforehand which attractions you want to cover

As a rule of the thumb, in order to avoid wasting time on your African trip and make the most of it, plan in advance. This means that you need to do ample researching before packing or bags, jot down places to visit by looking at the maps of the country or countries you will be visiting, or use the help of google maps.


In summary, this African safari planning guide encourages you to take into consideration certain factors regarding transport, planning in advance and accommodation.