It is hard to beat the energy of Lagos. There are more people in Lagos than any other African city. In Lagos, you will find one of the busiest ports in Africa. Lagos is a busy city. Some would call it chaotic.


Here are some of the places you can visit in Lagos:


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National Museum

Nigeria National Museum

By Daderot [Public domain or CC0], from Wikimedia Commons

If you are new to Nigeria, a visit to the National Museum provides a mini crash course in Nigerian people, history, and culture of the country. One of the relics on display is the vintage Mercedes Benz in which General Murtala Muhammed died in 1976.

The tour takes a few hours and the entrance fee is less than a dollar. There are more than 200 tribes native to Nigeria. Learn more at the museum.


Badagry Black Heritage Museum

For 300 years, African slaves were exported to America through Badagry. More than half a million slaves passed through Badagry between the 1500s and the 1800s. The slave route is documented by hundreds of artefacts and detailed records still preserved in the ancient town of Badagry.

There are nine galleries stocked with photographs, documents, sculptures, sketches, and shackles. The open air markets where slaves were sold are still there to this day. The entire town of Badagry is a living museum. It is worth it to spend several hours here, or even a day.


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Terra Kulture

Terra Kulture offers visitors an all-round experience of Nigerian culture. A restaurant serves Nigerian food, and at the cultural centre visitors can see Nigerian art, music, and dance. Terra Kulture was founded by a Nigerian lawyer. A language center teaches Hausa, Yoruba, and Ibo. the best time to visit is during one of the annual festivals where Nigerian art and performance is showcased. There is even an auction.


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Lekki Conservation Centre

Lekki Conservation Centre

By Ashinze [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

Lekki conservation centre has the longest canopy walk that you can find in Africa. Built with a metal frame, the canopy has does not get wobbly like wooden ones do. It gives visitors the opportunity to walk while enjoying the view from the top of the tall trees to the lawns and swamp below. Monkeys are swinging from tree to tree. Visit alone if you want some quiet time, or with a group.

The best time to visit is in the morning, when you can still enjoy the birds. You might see some peacocks, turtles, and even a python.


New Afrika Shrine

The New Afrika Shrine was the home of celebrated African artiste Fela Kuti. Fela performed at The Shrine with his band and his sons Femi and Seun continue with the musical tradition of his genius father. Music festivals are still held here to date, and the atmosphere is electric. Go for the live music, drinks, dancers, and food.


Ikoyi Golf Club

Ikoyi Golf Club is a beautiful and well-maintained facility, providing golf, tennis, squash, table tennis and swimming. It has several restaurants and bars, sauna and massage, gymnasium, a barber shop, a library, and a clubhouse. The club was established in 1938.


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National Arts Theatre

Visit the National Arts Theatre in Iganmu, Lagos to enjoy Nigerian theatre, movies, fine art, and food. The pretty gardens are good enough for a picnic. It is a major landmark.


Nike Art Gallery & Culture Centre

Designer Nike Davis Okundaye created the Nike Art Gallery. Nike is a famous painter and Batik artist. She is an expert in traditional Nigerian textiles. At Nike Center, visitors can tour textile artists, drummers, painters, dancers, and sculptures.


Freedom Park, Lagos

Freedom Park was a prison when the British set up shop in Nigeria back in 1961. It was then called Her Majesty’s Broad State Prison. Today it is a public park in downtown Lagos. Visit the historical center where people also learn the culture of the people.


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Lagos Carnival

For a hundred years now, Lagos has been holding a street carnival every year to celebrate its cultural diversity. Music, dance, costumes, food, and drink abound. Preparations for the Lagos carnival begin a good six months in advance. Wear comfortable clothing and carry drinking water.


Third Mainland Bridge

Third Mainland Bridge

By Zouzou Wizman –, CC BY 2.0,

This is the longest bridge connecting Lagos with the mainland. Traffic is a nightmare during rush hour. Consider taking a drive on third mainland bridge when there is not much traffic. It runs from Oworonshoki and ends at Adeniji Adele. While driving you will see the waterfront of the University of Lagos, Lagos Marina skyline, as well as the skyline of Ikoyi and Victoria island.


Silverbird Cinema and Galleria

Silverbird Cinema screens movies from Bollywood, Hollywood, and Nollywood. Besides going to the cinema you can also eat out and shop.


Oniru Private Beach

Oniru private beach is a pleasant, quiet beach with restaurants and bars, and lounge chairs. The water is clear. Visitors have to pay a small entrance fee. The food and drinks are affordably priced, but visitors are allowed to bring their own refreshments and food. There are activities available like horse riding and boat rides.


Eleko Beach

Eleko Beach Lagos

By Blessing Ekundayo [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

Eleko beach is a good place to hire a tent and spend the day lounging on the beach, eating freshly cooked seafood. They charge an entrance fee. You are allowed to carry your own food but you probably don’t want to miss out on the delicious fish and coconut water. Enjoy horse rides, kayaking, and dancing, too.


Jhalobia Recreation Park and Gardens

If there is a refuge from the chaos of Lagos, it is Jhalobia gardens. The well-maintained gardens are peaceful and quiet. They are ideal for solitary walks, family outings, events, and picnics. Call in advance.


Tarkwa Bay

Tarkwa Bay is a manmade sheltered beach with one of the most wonderful resorts in Lagos. Visitors are taken to Tarkwa Bay in boats. The boat ride lasts around fifteen minutes either way, and the journey is a pleasant one. Along the way you will see some of the luxury resorts in Lagos, like the Radisson Blu.


Kalakuta Museum

For a true Afrobeat experience, visiting The Shrine is not enough. Kalakuta Museum ha everything you might want to learn about Fela Kuti and more. Memorable keepsakes of his life are stored here. After touring the museum, guests often visit the bar at the rooftop to enjoy the views, drink Palm Wine, and smoke.


Civic Centre

This is one of the most impressive buildings in Lagos. It is popular for conferences and meetings. In the evenings, there is live music by the poolside. There are three ways to arrive at the Civic Centre: by road, by boat, and by helipad. It has high-end shops and a members only sailing club.


Jaekel House

Jaekel House is a restored colonial mansion with a lovely garden and a vintage train wagon in the yard. It hosts a small museum with all sorts of knick-knacks from the old Nigerian railway system.

It was the home of one Frederick Jaekel, a former administrator of the Nigerian Railway Corporation.


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