Namibia is a country situated in the Southern part of Africa. Some of the most popular destinations in Namibia include the beautiful Namib Desert, the Skeleton Coast, known for the largest ship graveyard, Etosha National Park, and many more. There’s also a lot to be experienced in terms of unique cultures, by visiting the homes of the last true San communities. Here is a list of the top 10 Namibia Tourist attractions.


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Namibia Tourist Attractions

Etosha National Park

Etosha National Park is Namibia’s greatest wildlife sanctuary and has a very wide range of birds and mammals.  As a popular Namibia tourist attraction, it is a photographer’s dream with well-lit waterholes that draw animals during the dry seasons. It has a large dry pan known as the great white area, in the middle of the park. Some of the animals you expect to see at some of these watering holes are elephants, black rhinos, lions, and giraffes. Birdlife in Etosha National Park include flamingos, which can be found in vast Etosha Pan, hornbills, eagles, ostriches, owls among others.  Chances of seeing leopard and cheetahs are also there.

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The Skeleton Coast

As the name suggests, the skeleton coast is filled with skeletons and shipwrecks. The skeleton is as a result of the whaling Industry that was quite popular in the past. The name was coined by writer John Henry Marsh as a reference to the shipwreck of the Dunedin Star which was found at the Namibian Coast.

Other shipwrecks such as the Otavi, Tong Taw, and the Eduard Bohlen have also contributed to the littering of the coastline by ship parts that have been swept offshore. As a result, the name was used to refer to the whole Namibian and Angolan Coast facing the Atlantic Ocean.

The name also refers to the Skeleton Coast National Park which is also found on the shore. Some of the wild animals found in this area include lions, springbok, giraffes, black rhinos, and baboons. It is also a good spot for those who enjoy super-charged four-wheel drive action and want to test the strength of their Jeeps or Land Rovers. However, some sections can only be accessed by air.

Namib Naukluft Park

The Namib Naukluft National Park is undoubtedly the biggest of the Namibia tourist attractions. If it is not, it is still the biggest national park in Africa. This is a tremendous fete in a continent full of numerous national parks. It ranks fourth globally. The park consists of part of the oldest desert in the world-the Namib Desert- and the Naukluft mountain range.

The Sossusvlei is the most popular part of the park. Even though the name means ‘the gathering pace of water’, all you will find is some of the highest and most beautiful sand dunes in the world. The dunes are mainly burnt orange in color due to their age. They have formed over a million years ago. The wind constantly shifts the sand reshaping them from time to time.

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If you want to witness and experience the most beautiful sunset or sunrise, you can wait and see how the sands refract colors in the evening and early morning leaving you lost for words. You can also climb the dunes and marvel at the beauty of the whole desert.

Fish River Canyon

We cannot forget the largest canyon in Africa, the Fish River Canyon. It is believed to be over 500 million years old. It was formed by the sudden collapsing of the valley bottom due to earth movement. The Fish River is the longest inland river in the country. It is mostly dry except during the rainy seasons. The Canyon is a popular place for hikers who enjoy its magnificent hiking trail. Photographers also like to take pictures of the scenery.


Caprivi Strip

This is the wettest part of the country. The Caprivi Strip is a piece of land that protrudes out of the country like a finger or an outstretched arm. The land mainly consists of swamps and wetlands due to the fact that is surrounded by four rivers.

The strip is known for is numerous wildlife species and is home to three national parks; Bwabwata, Nkasa Rupara, and Mudumu. Some of the wildlife found here includes buffalos, reedbuck, elephants and red lechwe. The area is also home to some dangerous hippos and crocodiles due to the expansive floodplains.


Unlike other destinations that are filled with dangerous wild animals and sand dunes, Swakopmund is the best spot for relaxation. Swakopmund is a city cum beach resort at the western coast. This is where you enjoy the beach, taste different Namibian cuisine and stay in some of the fanciest beachfront restaurants in the country. It is a place to relax after all the trips to other destinations. If you still up for an adventure, the surrounding area is good for sand-skiing and quad-biking.

Brandberg Mountain

A few kilometers away from the coast lays the Brondberg Mountain, Namibia’s highest point. It towers at over 8,440 feet above sea level. It is found deep in the Namib Desert and can be viewed well from a distance on a calm day. The mountain region is quite expansive with the nearest settlement being over 30 kilometers away.

Namibia Tourist Attractions

The main attraction of the Brondberg is the White Lady Rock Painting. It is found at a rock surface near the foot of the mountain. Even though no one is absolutely sure about their origin, it is speculated to be paintings of Bushmen who existed over 2000 year ago.


Kaokoland is the wild side of the Namibia. It is a deserted place with very few roads, structures, and a very scarce population. The only source of hope is the small city of Opuwo which is mainly dominated by the Hima people. Sounds interesting, right? I know.

Tourists love this place for its wild nature since they can get to bring their four-wheel drives out and have some wild fun. It is also in close proximity to the Etosha National Park.

Nyae Nyae Conservancy

The Nyae Nyae Conservancy is a place full of culture and traditions. It is home to the Ju’hoansi people. It is the best place for you to stay for a week or two and lean about the Bushmen culture. You will learn how to hunt, make tools, dance, amongst other things. The place also has beautiful scenery full of sand dunes and baobab trees.

Waterberg Plateau Park

Elevated high above the Kalahari plains is the Waterberg Plateau, the main feature behind the Waterberg Plateau National Park. Due to the plateau’s inaccessibility, the place used to store endangered species and later on supplied to other game parks and reserves. The plateau is now rich with numerous species of birds, antelopes and different kinds of endangered species.



These are the top Namibia tourist attractions. Select from one of the Namibia tours in this page and make a point of visiting!