Nairobi is the proud capital and the biggest city of Kenya. Nairobi city derives its name from the Masai word “Enkare Nyrobi,” which means the “place of cool water.” Though there are plenteous five-star accommodations in Nairobi, one can find the cost-effective versions too with ease.

In fact, many hotels have been ranked as a 5-star accommodation, but they are not at all expensive. Nairobi is a very active center of trade and business, and several international companies are based here.

Consequently, there are some fine hotels too, with prices comparable to Europe or the US. Traveling in Kenya is one of the most breathtaking experiences due to its vivid culture and places which can be seen.

Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, also known as the city under the sun, has a lot of attractions and things to do including Nairobi National Park, Museums of Kenya, Giraffe Centre, Sheldrick Trust, Mamba Village and many other hot spots for various activities.

After a tiresome shopping spree in Nairobi, one can always find a relaxing hotel, restaurant or bar in town to relax. For the nature lovers Uhuru Park, Arboretum, and Karura Forest are the ideal places to watch the birds. The following is how you can spend three days in Nairobi.

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DAY 1:

1. Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park

This Park makes Nairobi the only city in the world with a park that is accessible in less than 20 minutes’ drive. You can see almost all the wild animals in the park.

Being only 7 kilometers from the city center, it is an ideal spot for those who don’t want to travel long and far to experience the safari environment that Kenya is known for. You will be treated to several exciting activities while in the park. Touring the Safari Walk is one of the fun things that you can do while in the Nairobi National Park. Located at park’s entrance, the Safari Walk is a modern facility, which fuses Kenya’s conservation efforts with eco-tourism.

Here, you will marvel at simulated wetlands, forests, and Savannahs which covers most of the park. You will get familiarized with the different flora and fauna of Kenya, most of which are in danger of becoming extinct.

As guests, you have the option of participating in tree identification activities and entertaining talks and lectures about the parks and reserves in the country.

2. Giraffe Manor

Giraffe Manor

Giraffe Manor offers unique accommodation when you want to the city within the city. There are no fences hence the giraffes have the freedom to move around the space. It is very usual to see a giraffe popping its head in the window as you are enjoying your afternoon tea or dinner. You may think it only happens while promoting photos but trust me; it happens even when there is no camera as well!

Being a skeptic, I didn’t think the giraffes would come to the window. But the first time I entered the Manor, I was shocked to see a giraffe there to greet me! Giraffe Manor has a beautifully furnished lounge, and dining area and the rooms look out over the acreage so you can see giraffes whenever you like during your stay.



1. Karura Forest Hiking

The forest is open to all visitors that love nature and have respect for our Nairobi natural beauty. You will be required to pay some entry fee that is used in maintained the forest and ensuring that place is secure and safe.

You can currently enjoy the following in the forest: Walking, Tree-Planting, Jogging, Bird-watching, Just Sitting, Dog-walking, Educational tours, Weddings, Concerts, Team-Building, Exhibitions, Dog-training, Sport & Fitness, Mountain-biking, and Horse-riding. You can also hire bikes from the forest grounds daily as from 8:00 to 17:00.

2. Have brunch at Nook Cafe.

After hours of hiking in Karuro forest and you need to more energy; then Nook Cafe is the place to do that. The cafe is located in a cozy cafe hidden in Akamba Court off Woodlands Lane. The cafe uses fresh, organic and free-range ingredients to explore a different cuisine each week. They have an ever-changing menu so one Sunday they will be serving Lebanese, Thai, American cuisine or Vietnamese.

Nairobi Tours and Activities



1. Railways museum.

Without the railway, Kenya might never have come into existence as a country. Originally the railway was planned solely for connecting the land-locked territory of Uganda to the coast. However, the overlooked the swamplands of Nairobi in between suddenly developed significance as a depot and administrative center because of their appropriate position at the start of the highlands.

Over 100 years later and the Railway Museum, in the bustling metropolis of Nairobi, houses a splendid collection of railway memorabilia, relics, and retired steam trains. Additionally, one can find out about the man-eating lions that terrorized the imported Indian rail workers and disrupted construction for many months.

2. Maasai Market

Your visit to Nairobi will be incomplete if you don’t go shopping in Maasai Market.  At the open-air market, you can get paintings, curios,  drawings, clothes, and fabrics with East African prints, wood-carvings, and jewelry all having been made local artisans.  The prices of commodities in Maasai market is lower compared to similar markets and shops in Nairobi city.
Maasai Market Schedule.

The below is a schedule on where you can get and buy goods that are locally from Maasai Market.

Monday – Normally, There is no market day on Monday.
Tuesday – Kijabe Street Park that is next Prestige Plaza and Nairobi River along Ngong Road.
Wednesday – The market is located at capital Center that is along Mombasa Road.
Thursday – The market is located along Ngong road in junction Mall.
Friday – The market located along Limuru at village market road in Lavington Mall.
Saturday –You will find Maasai Market on Sunday along Ngong road at The High court parking opposite Prestige Plaza and Re-Insurance Plaza.
Sunday -The market is located along Valley Road in Yaya Center in Hurlingham.

Nairobi is the most emerging city in Africa in politically and financially where a lot of companies and organizations to make their home in the city. And its stock exchange is one of the most active in the Region.