Pay attention, because you won’t hear some of these tips anywhere else. From Gorilla sighting in the picturesque Ugandan highlands to skiing – yes you read right- in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, Africa promises unimaginable travel wonders. However, even though Africa offers the chance for once-in-a-lifetime adventure, there are some few considerations you need to keep in mind before kick-starting your journey. Here, we discuss ten not-in-the-guidebook Africa travel tips for tourists and visitors traveling through Africa.

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Africa Travel Tips

Tip #1 Always pack Less
Although you are going to be tempted to pack for every eventuality, please don’t. Chances are you only need half of the items anyway. However, be sure to pack shoes with hard rubber soles; in fact, safari experts advise wearing your shoes in for at least a month before your travel date to make sure they are comfortable.

Tip #2 Take your Shots
If you plan to travel with children, it is most important to ensure that they get their shots. However, as an adult, you don’t need to get every shot in the book; consider getting a shot for rabies and yellow fever vaccination too. Better yet, consult your doctor about your travel plans.

Tip #3 Get Papers for Your Car
Whether you plan to drive or hire a car through Africa, you may need triptyque which allows entry to a particular country or a carnet de passage which allows entry to multiple countries.

Tip #4. Cross-Border Documents
Needless to say, crossing African borders isn’t as easy as in the EU. But if you are considering a tour through West Africa, getting a Visa Touristique Entente (VTE) which costs around $50 should save you both time and money. This visa is valid for two consecutive months and covers Burkina Faso, Benin, Niger, Togo, Congo and Cote D’Ivoire.

Tip #5. Look out for the Hippos
As you experience Africa’s spectacular wildlife, be sure to check out for the hippos; they are the number one people-killers in Africa. Simply put, when you are in a game drive, your guide is your best friend.

Tip #6. Africa can Get Cold
Africa might straddle the equator but not every part of the continent is roasting hot. Therefore consider packing some warm gear especially if you plan to tour the Maloti Mountains in Lesotho or Eastern Cape Island in South Africa.

Tip #7 On Cameras
Experts recommend small is always better when it comes to cameras – unless you are a professional photographer. Use a camera that you understand well. Extra batteries never hurt anyone.

Tip #8 Eat Local
If you are going on the cheap don’t be afraid to eat cooked food in local cafes and roadside kiosks; in fact, it adds to the adventure. You could enjoy a delicious meal of chapatti and beans on the streets of Nairobi at only $0.50.

Tip #9 Toss Out Your Expectations
As prepared as you may feel, not everything will fit the standard. So just roll with the punches and embrace the challenges.

Tip #10 Make Friends locally and listen to them
They’ll help you steer away from dangerous areas and point you to any location you want. After all, people are your greatest asset when traveling in Africa.

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