Cairo is extremely rich in history with wonderfully maintained Historical sites, religious, social and political, as well as other exciting activities such as shopping. Here are some of the places to go in Cairo and discover the best of one of the top tourist attraction in Africa.

Cairo Tours and Activities

Places to go in Cairo (Find a Hotel)

The Great Pyramid of Giza

Many people desire to see the ancient wonders of the world but they don’t get the chance to explore the world. The great pyramid of Giza is the oldest among the Seven Wonders of the World.

It is also known as the pyramid of Khufu built as a tomb for Pharaoh and considered to be the oldest and largest pyramid out of the three well-known pyramids.

This pyramid is made of 2.3 million blocks which are said to have originated from the nearest quarry. Surrounded by buildings such as the small pyramids, the great pyramid of Giza is 147 meters tall and weighs around 5.9 million tonnes. Tourists who visit the great pyramid of Giza enters through Robbel’s tunnel. You can visit this place for these and similar amazing facts that our current technology cannot replicate.

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Mohammad Ali Mosque

The mosque is located at the Citadel of Cairo in Egypt under the leadership of Muhammad Ali. Also known as the alabaster mosque, thanks to its outstanding beauty. It was built with the aim of keeping the memories of Tusun Pasha fresh in the minds of the people. This mosque is the main tourist attraction site in Cairo since it is located in the town and it is the immediate thing you see when you get to the town.

The mosque was built in a unique style proposed by Muhammad Ali who had borrowed the ideas from his lords. The architectural style used to build the mosque is the Ottoman architecture. The materials used to build the mosque where the limestone and the Alabaster which covers the courtyard. From a distance, the mosque looks so attractive because of its central domed shape.

Most of the amazing things about this particular site are the fact it has several attractions such as; military museum, Joseph’s Well and other several mosques with a very interesting carriage museum. It is a combination of military, government history and a Muslim religious site so visitors touring this place must give attention to their dressing style.

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The Egyptian Museum Cairo

Many people love visiting the museum because of the historical things that are stored there, or even the items that were used in the past and are not present in the modern world. The Egyptian museum contains the world’s ancient artifacts like mummies, jewelry, eating bowls and toys of  Egyptians whose names stick in the history.

The Egyptian museum is hard to miss in any tour, it was built in 1835 near the Ezbekeyah Garden and later taken to Cairo. It has many Pharaonic items and other ancient items such as the coins making it the main point of attraction. Sounds amazing?

Design of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo

It has both the ground and first floor, where on the ground floor has the coins that were used in the past while the first floor contains artifacts such as the tables and the coffins. The coins were made from different materials such as the silver, gold, and Bronze. The presence of the artifacts and the coins helped the historians to conduct their research with no difficulties and hence collecting the accurate information.

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The Khan El-Khan El-Khalili Market

Khan EL –Khalili market contains a variety of items such as clothes, perfumes, oils of different scents and the necklaces of different kinds which makes it a good attraction site in Cairo. The skinny lanes of this site are basically a medieval-style mall. The agglomeration of shops in the market arranged around small courtyards gives you the opportunity to stock everything while on a tour.

These items attract many people from a distance and encourage bulk buying since everything is so beautiful. It contains everything you might desire and would make you buy items you never intended to.

In case you don’t get the item you required, you can always consult the people around the market for help. Today the market looks so modern but it has not lost its original style.


The Mosque of Al-Azhar 

This mosque was built in 1970 under the leadership of Mohamed el Tayeb. Its architectural style was Fatimid and hypostyle. It is the main place where the study of Sunni theology takes place and the Islamic law. It still remains to be the best in teaching Islamic law and the third holiest in Islam.

This is also where the court sessions took place under the rule of Fatimid. This mosque had made a great achievement by the 14th century. It had been made the official place to study Islamic law, theology, and Arabic.

Love history? Well, in 1885, many colleges were linked to the AL-Azhar mosque which made many students from all over the world to be attracted to the colleges hence encouraging more learning. You can enter through the famous barber’s gate which was a place where students had their heads shaved. Access the prayers’ hall which is an incredibly impressive space filled with seemingly endless numbers of alabaster columns with luxurious carpeting.


Khan El-Khalili (Souq Quarter)

It is the Major souk and tourist attraction in Cairo. Souk or Souq is an Arabic word meaning a market place or a commercial quarter in the cities of Western Asia and North Africa. Khan el –Khalili was well known to be a commercial center where economic activities took place, that is, foreign trade. Its appearance attracts you from a distance due to its outwards unique appearance.

In today’s world, the Khan el Khalili is occupied by the Egyptians who have shops that sell ornaments to the tourists who visit the area. Variety of available things here are very astonishing with a lively atmosphere to experience. Spend hours here wandering through the narrow streets exploring the exotic and interesting wares and make sure you have a space for your shopping because it is a must for you to shop. The restaurants and coffee shops are also available to serve your needs as a tourist.


Al-Azhar Park Cairo Tower

If you are traveling and you need a place to relax and enjoy the gift of nature, this is the place to be. This park contains restaurants and fountains which make it the best place to relax during an outing with your family. The restaurants provide every kind of food you need and offer the best accommodation ever.

It also has the theatre where concerts take place. This is for maximum entertainment meant to keep everything moving and interesting. The entertainment would be perfect for the kids on holiday and the whole family at large. The surrounding is so inviting since the area is covered with the plantation making the air to be so fresh as compared to the dirty air in the city. This is, therefore, the suitable place to be when on vacation.

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Coptic Cairo and the Citadel

Located in the southern part of Cairo, this happens to be the oldest part of the city. The place will be remembered to be where the first African church- the Coptic Christian church of Egypt thrived.

According to history, St. Mark of the Bible who introduced Christianity to Egypt set it here in Coptic Cairo. Isn’t this interesting to know? Well, you can also learn more about the Coptic Cairo’s rich history by checking out its neighborhood attractions such as the ninth-century hanging church and the Coptic museum based in the ancient Babylonian fortress.

People who have visited this place in the past say that Coptic Cairo is a compulsory place to visit even if you are not religious. Here you will also find the Jewish and Islamic locales which include; Citadel of Salah al Din, the Mosque of Amr Ibn al-Alas which is the oldest mosque in Africa and Ben Ezra Synagogue, the site where Pharaoh’s daughter found Moses floating in the basket.

Coptic Museum in Coptic Cairo is normally open from 9:00 am up to 4:00 pm while most of the religious sites are open in the mornings for mass and in the afternoon for tours.



The above attractions in Cairo draw a lot of tourists compared to other parts of Egypt. These places are the heart of Cairo with a lot of goodies to choose from. This region truly needs tourism, and I can recommend it as one of the best places to visit and great things to do.